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Video streams: Workshop I




This page contains videostreams of the lectures and discussions of the first workshop:


Prof. Dr. Hagit Amirav (Amsterdam): Welcome and Introduction


OPEN LECTURE: Prof. Dr. Averil Cameron (Oxford): New Themes and Styles Revisited Again


Questions and Remarks on Averil Cameron’s Lecture


OPEN LECTURE: Prof. Dr. Nicholas de Lange (Cambridge): A General Survey of Internal Developments within Judaism, 5th-8th Centuries


Wout van Bekkum (Groningen): Developments and Changes in Jewish Hymnology


Questions and Remarks on Wout van Bekkum’s Lecture


Dr. Hagit Amirav (Amsterdam): The Christian Commonwealth in Anti-Heretical Texts: The Case of the Emperor Justinian


Questions and Remarks on Hagit Amirav’s Lecture


Dr. Joke van Saane (Amsterdam): Psychological Models and Concepts of Authority, in Relation to (Contemporary) Religion


Questions and Remarks on Joke van Saane’s lecture


Prof. Dr. Angelika Neuwirth (Berlin): The Qur’an and the Discovery of Writing: An Epistemic Turn in Late Antiquity

(in absentia, read by Prof. Dr. Guy Stroumsa)


Dr. Emilie Villey (Berlin): Syriac Astronomical Texts (6th-8th c.): Christian Voices Defending Ptolemaic Astronomical Science


Questions and Remarks on Emilie Villey’s Lecture


Dr. Muriel Debié (Paris): Historical and Hagiographical Genres in Syriac Literature


Questions and Remarks on Muriel Debié’s Lecture


Prof. Dr. Mariella Menchelli (Pisa): Synesius’ Curricular Studies and his Mirror for Princes: Some Observations on the Genre of specula principum in the First Centuries of Byzantium


Questions and Remarks on Mariella Menchelli’s Lecture


Prof. Dr. Bas ter Haar Romeny (Leiden): Concluding Remarks; followed by a plenary discussion chaired by Prof. Dr. Paul van Geest (Tilburg, Amsterdam)