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Workshop II: Programme



MONDAY 18 March 2013

9:00-9:30: Guy Stroumsa (Lady Margaret Hall): Welcome Address

Apocalypticism in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

Chair: Christoph Markschies (Humboldt University)


9:30-10:30:† Yannis Papadogiannakis (Kings College London): Managing Fear, Anger and Hope in Troubled Times

10:30-11:30: Jane Baun (Saint Benetís Hall): The Celestial Epistle in Late Antique Religious Culture

11:30-12:00: Coffee Break

12:00-13:00: Istvan Perczel (Central European University Budapest): Apocatastasis panton in Leontius of Byzantium and the Pseudo-Caesarius

13:00-14:30: Lunch Break

Apocalyptic Traditions in the Periphery of Byzantium

Chair: Guy Stroumsa (LMH)


14:30-15:30: Sebastian Brock (Wolfson College): ‘The Young Daniel’: a little known Syriac text on ‘the End’

15:30-16:30: Lutz Greisiger (Martin Buber Society of Fellows, Jerusalem): The End is Coming – To what End? Millennarian Expectations in the 7th Century

16:30-17:00: Coffee Break

17:00-18:00: Robert Thomson (Oriental Institute): Apocalyptic Ideas in Early Medieval Armenia

18:00-19:00: Albert de Jong (Leiden University): A very “longue duree”: Ritual and eschatology in Mandaeism and Manichaeism

19:30-20:30: Dinner

TUESDAY, 19. March 2013

6th/ 7th cent. Apocalypticism and the Emergence of Islam

Chair: Yannis Papadogiannakis (Kingís College London)


9:30-10:30: Averil Cameron (Keble College): Late antique apocalyptic – a context for the Qur’an?

10:30-11:30: Nicolai Sinai (Pembroke College): Qur’anic Eschatology

11:30-12:00: Coffee Break

12:00-13:00: Christopher Melchert (Pembroke College): Apocalypticism in the Hadith Literature.

13:00-14:30: Lunch Break


†Apocalyptic Traditions in the Abrahamic Religions in the 7th-8th centuries.

Chair: Averil Cameron (Keble Kollege)


14:30-15:30: Helen Spurling (University of Southampton): A revival in Jewish apocalyptic? Change and continuity in the seventh-eighth centuries with special reference to Pirqe Mashiah

15:30-16:30: Emmanouela Grypeou (Faculty of Theology and Religion): The Apocalyptic Reaction to the Rise of Islam in the Christian literature of the 7th-8th centuries.

16:30-17:00: Coffee Break

17:00-18:00: Pablo Ubierna ((National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina): Greek Byzantine Apocalypses: from Islam to Iconoclasm.

18:00-19:00: Faustina Doufikar-Aerts (VU University of Amsterdam), The Track of Evil: the Transition of Gog and Magog in the Bible and in Syriac and Islamic Apocalyptic Texts

19:30-21:00: Conference Dinner

WEDNESDAY 20. March 2013


9:30-12:00: Roundtable Discussion, chaired by Hagit Amirav, with Istvan Perczel, Guy Stroumsa, and Emmanouela Grypeou and general discussion with the Workshop participants.