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Video Streams: Workshop III


Lectures held at the third workshop: “Christian Historiography Between Empires (4th-8th Centuries)”,

Central European University, Budapest; October 24, 2014.


István Perczel: “Hagiography as a Historiographic Genre”


Jan van Ginkel: “What Makes a Good Story?”


Maria Conterno: “Historiography Across the Borders”


Christian Boudignon: “The Source of the 1st Part of Patriarch Nicephorus’s Breviarium”


Amir Harrak: “The Making of a Syriac Chronicler”


György Geréby: “Eusebius of Caesarea and the Normative History of the Christian Empire”


Sergey Minov: “Rewriting Scripture as an Exercise in Counter-History. Evidence of the Cave of Treasures”


Niels Gaul: “The Aftermath of Senatorial Historiography From Theophanes to Theophanes Continuatus”