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Video Streams: Workshop IV


Lectures held at the international workshop “Catenae, Florilegia, Anthologies and Related Literature”.

Humboldt University Berlin, 4-6 March 2016.


Christoph Markschies, Opening Lecture: “Anthologien, Florilegia, Katenen—Oder lohnt das alte Projekt einer Geschichte der antiken christlichen Literatur nach Gattungen?”


Gillesa Dorival, Keynote Lecture: What Does the Offspring of the Catenae Reveal About Their Genre?


Markus Asper: “Doing Commentaries, Ancient and Modern”


Mathilde Aussedat: “Rewriting Phenomena in the Two Types of Exegetical Catenae on Jeremiah: The Example of the Commentaries of Theodoret of Cyrus”


Bas ter Haar Romeny: “The Composition of the Catena on Genesis. The Author and His Interests”




(more lectures to follow soon)