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Christoph Markschies (Humboldt University Berlin)


Prof. dr. dr. h.c. Christoph Markschies


Prof. Markschies, until recently President of the Humboldt University in Berlin, is considered one of the leading patristic  scholars and church historians of our time. He studied evangelical theology, clasical philology, and philosophy in Marburg, Jerusalem, Munich, and Tübingen. In 1995 he became Professor of Church History at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and from 2000 he held the same chair at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg. In 2004 he was appointed at the chair once occupied by Harnack, that of Early Church History at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Prof. Markschies is a member of a number of academies of sciences, including the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy and the European Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is Secretary of the Humanities Division of the former. In numerous monographs and articles prof. Markschies contributed to the fields of Gnosis, early Latin Fathers, the doctrine of the Trinity, ancient Christianity, as well as early church history in general. Soon, his new edition of the Apostolic Fathers will appear. In 2005 the Faculty of Theology of the Lucian Blaga University, Hermannstadt/Sibiu, awarded him an honorary doctorate.

For more information, see also his academic homepage.